Cloud Storage

A unified storage for enterprises and developers

Binary IT Solutions provides you with cost-effective, scalable and flexible Cloud storage services for unstructured data.

Achieve real value from the cloud!

Cloud is the largest platform for digital transformations and storage services. It has rapidly adopted fast-evolving technologies, tools, and methodologies in driving innovation across your enterprise. Achieve improved cash flow, increased efficiency, and more organizational benefits with Cloud.

Access files from any device

Use your laptop, tablet or mobile device to access data from anywhere in the world. Any change made will be updated in all of your devices. With apps for Android, Windows, iPad, iPhone, Mac, and web, you will never lose your data again.

Why Cloud?

Keep your data secure, safe and 100% private

Lost laptops present a billion problems to an organization. Binary IT Solutions gives you a hundred percent assurance that your data in the Cloud is more secure that the data on your unsecured server room or tower. You will be able to access your saved Cloud data no matter what happens to your devices. You can now protect your data from getting into the wrong hands by wiping it out from your laptop.


Binary IT Solutions helps you to scale up and down to achieve the requirements of your organization. In the current economy, flexibility is the key. You no longer have to be inhibited by contracts or decisions you signed in the past or have to develop for the future. You can now change your IT expenditures to accomplish the immediate needs of your organization.


Cloud is the best cloud storage that decreases your maintenance fees. You don’t need more fees in buying servers, software, and updates. Cloud rolls the hidden costs normally associated with customization, software implementation, maintenance, hardware and training into a transparent subscription fee.


In the past years, you had to set aside an IT budget for human resources for software management. With the Cloud, you don’t need to worry about that. You can now focus more on how the solutions will help in attaining your mission. Leave the IT piece to us.

It’s open

Web services and internet standards enable you to connect the services to one another. This offers you the ability to centralize your information to access it from anywhere, on any computer or mobile and at any time in the entire world.

Instant access to data

Allows users and applications to have instant access to information.

Data management

Cloud storage services enable you to store, manage and combine different distributed data across various internet locations through a common single glass pane. It gives central control and a common view.

Work with the best tools for your business

Cloud secures your data content across thousands of apps being used by your teams including Google, Microsoft, slack and IBM tools. Our unified integration creates a digital best-in-breed working place for your business to win in this digital era.

Ready to get started?

Binary IT Solutions gives you a secure, simple way of storing and accessing your data anytime and anywhere. Bring your team together in clouds storage services and collaborate on your new project files.

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