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Let us take the stress and worry out of designing your website. Our dedicated web development team can put your ideas on the world wide web with ease.

DIY Web Design

You know exactly what you want and know exactly how to do it. Unleash your artistic side and build your own site! Includes hosting with every DIY plan.

We, Binary IT Solutions based in Canada offering an SEO-friendly and custom web design and enterprise scale web application development that captivates your target audience and promotes your brand. We craft a secure, fast, beautiful and responsive website for your business. You have the preference of choosing between our web design and development services or DIY website builder which uses Artificial Intelligence.

Is your current business giving your company bottom line a positive impact? Web design and development is an essential component of your online business strategy. A website with a great design is effective in attracting, engaging and converting visitors into brand advocates and loyal customers.

For over ten years, we have offered professional web design and development services to our many clients in Canada and worldwide. Our website design and development services include;

  • Enterprise Scale Modern Web Application
  • Ultra-Fast Modern Web Design
  • CMS Development
  • Website optimization
  • E-commerce


Why Binary IT Solutions?

Every website we develop and design is user-friendly, ultra-fast, marketing ready and 100% responsive. Our team of experts in website design and development works together with you to come up with a great website that perfectly reflects your brand as well as generate website traffic that converts more sales, more leads and increase brand awareness. Some of the features that make our website design and development services stand out are as follows:

Ultimate Quality at an Affordable Price

We provide you with premium website design and development quality at a lower price compared to other web design agencies in North America.

Attention to Detail

Our agency is dedicated to perfection. We carefully look at your details and ensure that every aspect of your website is working flawlessly and looks great.

Marketing Experience

We have tremendous experience in digital marketing. This way, we understand the significance of matching your website image with that of your business and coordinating marketing.

Responsive Design

With the tremendous rise in the use of mobile devices, more than fifty percent of the website traffic comes from tablets and mobile phones. We ensure your website design is mobile-friendly and looks great on any device.

We love to help companies accomplish their online objectives through website design and development. It is time we help you achieve your goals.


Experience the Power of DIY Artificial Assistance

You can also alternatively use our DIY artificial assistant to develop a fully functional Al designed website. Her primary focus is to give you an easy and fast website building experience. DIY Website Builder is a true assistant that helps you through your brand website designing, editing, and optimization for maximum visitor engagement and SEO. DIY Website Builder builds great websites by combining artificial machine intelligence and human creativity.

How Does AI Website Builder Create Websites?

This easy website builder uses machine proprietary learning algorithms to make smart predictions on the texts, images, design styles, elements and sections that would be best suited to your website. The urbane deep learning reinforcement that is specific to your business industry helps DIY in making these immediate decisions. AI Website Builder utilizes the interactions with previous clients through monitoring the website builder interactions. It uses every data to make optimal suggestions useful n driving the growth of your business. You are assured that artificial intelligence will eliminate more than ninety percent of your website pain points. The website builder provides improved website design and collects the critical business metrics to enable your small business to compete efficiently against large companies.

Wave Goodbye to the Old Ways

Template driven websites are already outdated. Use artificial intelligence to build a great website in minutes that evolves by itself. This will have your ROI improve with time by the use of machine learning algorithms. Artificial intelligence will create your website according to your marketing needs with each site having its unique customized set of colors, images, sections, layouts and font combinations. The builder will also analyze website analytics to compare the level of your website customer engagement to other businesses in your niche and give layout suggestions that will help improve online user engagement to your site. Use DIY website builder today and get full control and freedom to move your business to a higher level.

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We take top priority in customer satisfaction with our dedicated and consistent team of web designers and developers’ experts. Sign up with us now; let’s build a website that helps your business grow. Contact us or email us to start a conversation on how we can help.

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